About Us

“Great places are built by leaders, by communities, one step at a time . . . When you look at a great place, it’s like reading the hopes, aspirations, and pride of everyone who built it.” —Hugh Newell Jacobsen

Our Mission:

“Ensure community development with long term viability of the downtown district as a cultural, civic, historical and commercial center through public and private commitment creating a prosperous and vibrant Main Street.”

Winchester Main Street Foundation (WMSF) is a nonprofit organization focusing on producing and bringing in quality events through music and the arts, beautification projects, and youth education programs to build Winchester’s unique brand, improve the quality of life in Winchester, support and work with other nonprofit organizations, and build our Main Street Community. As the lynchpin for the many groups working to revitalize Winchester, WMSF believes that working collaboratively to build and promote Winchester will ensure that we:
  • Attract more visitors to our historic city
  • Bring in jobs and innovative people and companies
  • Re-energize our retail base
  • Encourage our young graduates and professionals to stay in Winchester
  • Increase our real estate values and fill commercial lease space
  • Recruit an increasingly diverse, well-educated workforce, and ultimately
  • Maintain our economic viability as we move proactively into the future.
The Winchester Main Street Foundation also supports the efforts of other Winchester organizations in an effort to bring vibrancy and new energy to Old Town.

WMSF is a supporting sponsor for:

  •  Skyline Indie Film Fest (Winchester’s First 2013)
  •  Handley High School
  •  Shenandoah University Music Students
WMSF also supports other Non-Profits through Engagement, Cooperation, Seminars, and events including:
  • The Laurel Center
  • GoodDogz.org
  • “Celebration of Hope”
  • A Smith/Vickers Cancer Support Event
  • Coalition for Racial Unity
  • Shenandoah Arts Council

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